How to determine your size?

You have found a beautiful ring in our online boutique and would like to purchase it? But how to determine your of your loved ones size? You are happy to give you some possibilities on how to determine your size.

In case you have a ring in your possession in the right size:

Visit us

Visit one of the Martens stores (Aalst or Sint Niklaas Belgium) and let us determine the size with a mandrel stick. 


You use an analog or digital caliper and measure with the small jaws (upper caliper) the inside diameter of your ring.


Take a ruler and put your ring on top of it, then measure the inside diameter.

In case you do not have a ring in the right size and you need to determine your size:

Visit us

With a Ring finger gauge we will be able to perfectly determine your size. You can visit our stores in Aalst or Sint Niklaas (Belgium).


Take a regular tape-measure and put this around your finger, count the total centimeters and/or millimeters.

Paper Ribbon online

Take a ribbon or wire, wrap it around your finger and cut it to the right size (ends touching each other perfectly) You put the ribbon on your ruler and determine your size.